Miracle Merchant Beta

Miracle Merchant is a solitaire style potion brewing game played with a deck of cards.
Designed by Tinytouchtales, drawn by Thomas Wellmann, audio by Craig Barnes.

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Version 1.0.18

+ fixed: new potion amount wrong
+ added: music
+ added: app icon
+ added: polish polish polish
+ added: black distillate achievement
+ added: collection complete achievement

Version 1.0.16

+ fixed: hand potion collection
+ fixed: Prince clap hands
+ fixed: typos
+ added: intro
+ added: flame animation game
+ added: polish here and there

Version 1.0.14

+ fixed: pause while dragging cards
+ fixed: fixed flick dragging
+ fixed: save state saves after card is placed
+ added: rate popup

Version 1.0.13

+ fixed: skip tutorial menu hidden
+ fixed: drop cards on skip tutorial menu
+ fixed: automatic login even if declined
+ fixed: typos
+ added: potion discovered notification for potion collection menu

Version 1.0.12

+ fixed: potion recipe of specific type task
+ fixed: more task balance
+ fixed: daily result menu ui overlap
+ fixed: issues with restarting while customer animation plays
+ fixed: scores in daily don't count towards highscores
+ added: potion discovered notification
+ added: customer skip mini tutorial
+ added: shop shutter
+ changed: potion and recipe names

Version 1.0.11

+ fixed: several issues/crashes with skipping customers
+ fixed: iOS achievements don't trigger
+ fixed: 2.1 ratio for Android phones
+ fixed: monkey tap tutorial speech bubbles
+ fixed: potion names stay english after you tweet in german language
+ fixed: typos
+ fixed: android input text field white on white
+ fixed: screen rotation iOS
+ fixed: restart from pause while end animation is running crashes
+ fixed: using skip while paused
+ fixed: crash using animation skip on the last customer

+ changed: card stacks now display correct amount including the flipped one
+ changed: total recipe score goals
+ changed: completed task are marked in the pause menu

Report bugs, give feedback

Make sure to reference the build number and do a small sanity check if anyone else reported the same issue already. If you can't post your issues here send them to beta@miracle-merchant.com.